Build more human-like bots using deep learning.

Our AI dialogue technology powers the next generation of intelligent bots and assistants. Using deep learning, it enables more natural conversations with higher retention and engagement.

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Our AI dialogue technology is entirely based on machine learning: developers don't hard-code conversation flow charts. Deep reinforcement learning is used to automatically improve with every user interaction.
Scales with your needs

Dialogues are entirely managed by machine learning and trained with sample conversations.

Supports every platform

LASTMILE AI supports every conversational platform: Facebook Messenger, Slack, iMessage, Siri, Amazon Echo, Alexa and many more.

Connects to any backend

Pull data into the conversation from your custom backend, database, API, ...

Improves with every conversation

Dialogues improve over time with our reinforcement learning technology.


Building great bots and assistants is not easy. That's why we're actively involved in the international conversational AI community - sharing our experiences in talks and blog posts, actively contributing to open source projects and organising events like meetups and seminars.

Talks at conferences and in media:

Bots Berlin Meetup:

Edinburgh Machine Learning Seminar:

How to work with us

Our core AI dialogue technology is currently only available to selected corporate customers that work with LASTMILE Enterprise. Bot developers can get started using our open-source natural language understanding tool rasa.